Road safety

Real-time monitoring that ensures safety for companies and professionals during cargo transportation. Learn how we do this in practice.

Road safety

Real-time monitoring and uninterrupted tracking

During our experience of more than 10 years in the market, we value the safety and quality of life of our employees, service providers and everyone around us. We strongly oppose to any irresponsible attitude and behaviour that puts road safety at risk. For this reason, we have developed campaigns to raise awareness of defensive driving, roadside care and respect for life.

We have partner institutions, which carry out systematic training focused on the safety of drivers on the road.

Compliance with Law 13.103

Driver’s law, which regulates the journey time and daily rest during travel.

Fatigue sensor implemented in 2021, which increases the control and safety of the operation through cameras that determine responsibilities in accidents, cargo diversion and driver misconduct.

We understand that caring for service providers who carry our brand and our customers’ products is a fundamental part of a quality logistics service.

Our Accident Prevention Program (PPA) was developed to engage all service providers responsible for transporting our brand and our customers’ products. The idea is to encourage and promote periodic actions that strengthen the culture of safety and a responsible conscience.

How is the assessment carried out?

Traffic accident: responsibility or fault that after verification cannot be attributed to the driver.

Traffic Fines: Do not receive communications of traffic fines or infractions. Speed: Drivers who practice safe driving and do not violate speed limits.

Ride: Do not carry a ride (family members and others). The safety of everyone involved in each operation is our top priority. We value the life and well-being of every employee, service provider, customer and family member.

Risk Management

Technology and Development

Logistics Intelligence

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