Integrated Management System that protects people and the environment.

Truth, transparency and integrity, as it should be

We are committed to transparent attitudes that do not violate our code of ethics and ensure a proper and fair performance wherever we are. Get to know our compliance policy.

EthicsPoint is a global, confidential communication tool used to assist administration and combat workplace fraud, abuse and misconduct.

We believe our employees are our most important assets. And by creating communication channels, we can promote a positive work environment and maximize productivity.

Therefore, we ensure that all reports can be made anonymously.

It is our responsibility to ensure the safety and privacy of victims of harassment or other matters involving our compliance policy.

You can use one of the channels below for any type of communication or the email

Company Network

Click on the link provided on the company’s intranet website. You will be automatically connected to your EthicsPoint secure page.

Public Internet

From any computer with Internet (home, public library, neighbor, etc.), go to and click on “File a new report” / “Submit new report”

Toll Free

Call 0800-8911667. An expert will help you present your report in the system.

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