Is a seat belt really important?

Seat belts are necessary instruments to avoid damage or even death in cases of accidents, however there are many people who consider wearing a seat belt uncomfortable.

According to the Brazilian Association of Traffic Medicine, wearing a belt in the front seat reduces the chances of serious injuries in accidents by 45% and, in the back seats, passengers are up to 75% safer, being seen as one of the most important safety items present in cars.

Currently we find data showing that one in four truckers do not use their seat belts; although all are subject to traffic accidents, it is undeniable that truckers are daily exposed to the risks offered by the roads, so they must opt for their safety and practice defensive driving daily.

According to Art. 65 of the Brazilian Traffic Code, it is mandatory to use a seat belt for drivers and passengers on all roads in the national territory, in addition to that code also determines that the seat belt is a mandatory equipment in vehicles, except vehicles intended for the transport of passengers on routes where it is allowed to travel standing.

If there is no compliance with the law, the person responsible for the vehicle commits a serious infraction by losing 5 points in the wallet and will receive the penalty in the form of a fine having to pay R$195.23. It is not enough for the driver to wear his belt and not demand the same from others. The driver will be deemed responsible for everyone in the vehicle.

In addition, the use of safety-belt devices that lock, loosen or modify their normal operation is prohibited.

The seat belt is responsible for preventing several tragic events and preserving life. In the case of deaths in collision, it reduces around 50% when the seat belt is used, and is also able to reduce up to 40% the risk of head trauma, which is responsible for half of deaths in automobile accidents.

How to properly use the seat belt?

• Never use any device to increase the clearance in the belt, such as fasteners or nails;
• Never put your belt under your shoulder. The correct one is above, just below the neck;
• Do not leave the belt twisted;
• Adjust the seat correctly;
• Adjust your belt to fit your hips, not your belly.

Proper use of seat belts promotes an upright posture when driving, decreasing lower back pain and contributing to improved blood circulation and muscle oxygenation.

Once you understand the importance of the seat belt, the benefits it promotes and the damage that not using it can cause, it’s time to check if your seat belt needs to be changed.

Check the fabric of the belt, if there are no signs of wear or beginning of rupture in your fabric, also analyze if there are no problems in the closure and the retraction spring. If the vehicle suffers a collision it is important to request the checking of the belts in the workshop.

At Veloce, we always seek innovation and equipment renewal, aligned with the customer’s logistical needs, always ensuring an end-to-end quality delivery.

Being constantly alert to the care related to the maintenance of your vehicle and the protection of life is a fundamental characteristic of a good driver and professional.

In the market for more than 10 years, Veloce has always stuck for the safety and quality of life of employees and/or service providers and consequently everyone around them. Respect for life is our priority, so we do not condone and repudiate any irresponsible attitudes in traffic.

Learn how Veloce increases the security and efficiency of your business in practice.

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