By performing maneuvers recklessly, you put lives at risk. One of the most common maneuvers on the roads is overtaking, which requires an increase in speed and involves one or more vehicles.

If the overtaking process is carried out incorrectly, the driver may lose control of the steering and leave the track (causing a rollover, for example) or even collide with some other vehicle or fixed object (generating a rear, side or front collision).

Driving a larger and slower vehicle requires some responsibilities, as many smaller vehicles will overtake you; so do not let them follow the tips below:

1) Wait for an allowed condition

In sections where there is signaling allowing overtaking, or where there is no signaling, only exceed if the opposite flow direction range is free and, even so, only make the decision considering the power of your vehicle and the speed of the vehicle ahead.

2) Signal your actions

Signaling your movements on the road is something fundamental, however most drivers leave aside such an attitude. Before we start overtaking we have to leave the arrow on, so that the others know that we will overtake.

When overtaking, keep the arrow on. When you are finished passing the car (or cars) turn the arrow back to the right, indicating that you are returning to your lane.

3) Keep headlights on even during the day

The use of low beam on highways and roads even during the day became mandatory. The law came into force in July 2016 and its non-compliance is considered an average infraction, with a fine of R$130 and 4 points on the driver’s license.

On the road it is so, one hour you overtake, another you are overtaken. Therefore, when you realize that you will be overtaken by the rear vehicle, be careful.

More than protecting yourself from fines, by following all these traffic rules, worry about protecting your life and that of others who transit the highways.

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