Experience and technical qualification in favor of your business

Count on the expertise of our team to be at the forefront of your logistics operations. Our solutions bring Veloce’s excellence to your business.

National Transportation

The road means represents 60% of the cargo transport in the country, this means a high demand for solutions that increase productivity and operational safety. Our software optimizes routes and cargo capacities in different operations: Emergency, Interplants, Milk-run, FTL.

Certifications that guarantee the quality your business deserves.

Premiações que asseguram a sua melhor escolha.

International Transportation

We are leaders in road freight transport between Brazil and Argentina and are among the largest operators of Mercosur’s foreign land trade. Our operations enabled by the Internal Revenue Service guarantee a safer and more advantageous transport of goods between bonded premises.


Warehousing and Distribution

Our warehousing and distribution services guarantee the offer of your products throughout the national territory. Specialized professionals, technology and innovation in the elaboration of customized projects for each client. Rely on our warehousing and transportation infrastructure, and further optimize your operations.

Leader in logistics operations in Brazil and Argentina.

International experience and certified recognition.

Supply Chain Consulting

Count on the expertise of our team to make a detailed analysis of your logistics processes. Learn how efficient your actions are – from transportation to internal movement – and what to do to increase productivity, reduce costs and increase results.

When it comes to logistics, trust a leader in Mercosur and with international experience. Meet Veloce and talk to one of our specialists.

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