Cargo Transport

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What category of cargo transport does your company need?

Cargo transport is a service with several categories, which offers the movement of products and that happens in the road, rail, waterway, air and other systems.

Service that allows the delivery of complete and/or fractionated carga, whether or not packaged, and the transport of industrialized goods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, iron and food products. It is widely used because it does not require vehicles or special care.

Road Transport

Carried out on highways and roads with trucks, trailers or other vehicle, it is the most used category in Brazil.

Waterway transport

Category carried out by boats or ships, on seas, lakes and rivers, and serves short and long distances. Performed by means of highways and roads with trucks, trailers or other vehicle, it is the most used category in Brazil.

Rail Transport

It is little used due to the absence of railway infrastructure in Brazil, but because it follows a fixed route, the chances of accidents are lower and it has a large capacity to carry goods.

Air Transport

It is not widely used in Brazil, even offering speed in the process as its great differential, because it presents restrictions related to the weight and volume of goods.

Road duct transport

Used only for the transport of specific loads and carried out through underground or subsea pipelines and pipelines. One of its particularities is the high cost of implementation.

Parcel transport

It is the most popular category among all modes of transport, and involves from the collection of cargo at the place of shipment to the final destination address.

Transportation of Hazardous Cargo

When the goods pose health risks, their transport requires special care to protect both the product and the driver.

Transport of refrigerated cargo

The transportation of this type of cargo is performed only by vehicles equipped, because it depends on factors such as specific temperature, to maintain quality, conservation, maintenance and storage.

Large freight transport

This type of transport is recommended for the locomotion of large parts and structural assemblies, with dimensions, weight and volume greater than the measures established by the Brazilian Traffic Code.

Transport of pharmaceutical products

At longer distances, a refrigerated chest is used for the locomotion of products. On a shorter route, the thermal boxes ensure safe storage.

Full load transport

It only carries cargo that are stored. Only products ordered by a single shipper, usually made because of the high volume of goods, customer restrictions or urgency of receipt.

Fractioned cargo transport

Modality most used by companies, because it allows the sharing of the same vehicle to make deliveries that have a close destination.

To optimize cargo transportation, logistics processes need to be planned in advance and efficient, so regardless of the category, goods can reach their final destination within the required conditions and safely.


Ensuring customer satisfaction is one of the main objectives of cargo transportation, as well as delivering the products in perfect condition, on time and at the specified location.


Having several categories to carry out the transport and delivery of goods are the advantages of this service.

Does your company want to invest in freight transport, but don’t know which category would be best for your business?

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