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The logistics center is a space that a company uses to store, prepare and distribute its products. With the logistics transformation of recent years, many activity centers have emerged near large cities, contributing to increased productivity and cost reduction of a company.

In an increasingly complex supply chain and with the emergence of e-commerce, logistics centers have become important elements for companies to be able to concentrate their activities and manage their operations.

In recent years, companies have been forced to design new logistics spaces that could house various operations to centralize activities related to the transportation, storage and distribution of goods, for national and international transit.

Depending on the activity performed and the location of the logistics centers, they can be classified into: Logistics Activity Zone (ZAL), Integrated Merchandise Center (CIM), Logistics Hub, logistics platform and industrial polygons.

Some companies also use logistics centers as distribution centers, so the space becomes the place where products are stored, orders are prepared and organized for their distribution, both for retail and wholesale.

The size, design and location of a logistics center are the factors that determine its competitiveness, efficiency and whether it is able to add value to the supply chain.

What is the difference between warehouse and logistics center?

What differs one space from the other are the activities and operations carried out in each. The warehouse seeks to store as many goods as possible, while the logistics center participates in all activities related to the logistics chain.

Functions of a logistics centre

The main functions of a logistics center are to store, prepare and distribute products for retail and wholesale in an efficient manner. However, it participates directly in the logistics chain processes such as: – receipt, warehousing, internal transport, order preparation, inventory management and shipping.

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Logistics Centers 4.0

Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) have revolutionized the supply chain and so it is already possible to talk about logistics centers 4.0, which rely on technology to achieve more efficient performance. Logistics centers 4.0 use digitization of their processes, constant flows of information, data analysis and intelligent machine control.


Centralizing its activities, unifying its operations, controlling the processes of storage and movement of goods, ensuring more agility in deliveries and customer satisfaction are some of the objectives of investing in a logistics center.


By centralizing its activities, operations and inventory in a single location, a company has greater control of its processes, unifies its management, avoids losses and errors, contributing to reduce the time it delivers to the final consumer, gaining a competitive advantage over its competitors.

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