Refrigerated transport

Refrigerated transport with special fleet, which guarantees agility, without compromising the quality of the final product. Count on us.

Refrigerated transport is a service that uses special vehicles with temperature control. To carry out this type of transport the vehicle needs to have an integrated cooling system that keeps the products in the desired climate throughout the transport process. The products transported by this system are: meats, vegetables, fruits, vegetables and dairy products, or sensitive items such as chemicals and medicines.

Companies that offer this service need to take a lot of care and make a good planning, to avoid failures in transportation that compromise the quality of the goods and to ensure that it arrives at its destination in good condition. The supervisory bodies of this sector are extremely strict and to offer an efficient service companies need to know in detail all the standards.

There are two conservation techniques to carry out this type of transport. Refrigeration is used in foods that have shorter shelf life and freezing is used for products that need longer-lasting storage. These techniques are applied so that the natural, sensory and nutritional properties of the goods transported are not altered.

Path planning, use of tools and adequate infrastructure, and strict control throughout the process are fundamental to the success of this operation.

In this operation, all stages – packaging, handling, packaging and transportation of goods – are extremely important for the efficient execution of the service. The entire process needs to be cautious to conserve the products during displacement.

This service is also used to transport hospital products such as vaccines and supplies for the manufacture of medicines. Companies that offer this type of service use the cold chain system, which controls the temperature in storage and transportation.


By investing in outsourcing the transportation of its refrigerated products, a company aims to optimize the management of this process, ensure that its products reach their destination without losing quality or suffering damage and thus contribute to the reduction of expenses.


Refrigerated transport prevents goods from deteriorating and losing their value during the transport process, arriving at their destination safely and in good condition.

Need to transport your perishables properly and safely? Hire a company that specializes in refrigerated transport, so you can avoid losses, reduce expenses and keep your customers satisfied.

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