Transport of chemical and hazardous products

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The transport of chemical and hazardous products is a complex process because it poses a risk to health and life, so it is necessary to adopt specific criteria aimed at preserving the safety of the environment and individuals. Carriers that offer this service need to comply with the legislation for the product to be collected, transported and delivered safely.

ANTT Resolution No. 5232/2016 determines that flammable liquids, explosives, gases, corrosives, organic peroxides or oxidizing substances, radioactive materials, infectious or toxic (poisonous) substances, flammable solids (such as substances that, in contact with water, emit flammable gases or those that are subject to spontaneous combustion) and various dangerous substances, are the items considered dangerous for transport.


El transporte de productos químicos y peligrosos es un proceso complejo porque ofrece un riesgo a la salud y la vida; por lo que, es necesario adoptar criterios específicos que apunten a preservar la seguridad del medio ambiente y de las personas. Los transportistas que ofrecen este servicio necesitan cumplir con la legislación para que el producto sea recogido, transportado y entregado de forma segura.

La Resolución ANTT N° 5232/2016 determina que los líquidos inflamables, explosivos, gases, corrosivos, peróxidos orgánicos o sustancias oxidantes, materiales radiactivos, sustancias infecciosas o tóxicas (venenosas), sólidos inflamables (como las sustancias que en contacto con el agua emiten gases inflamables o que estén sujetos a combustión espontánea) y diversas sustancias peligrosas, son los artículos considerados peligrosos para el transporte.

In order to transport cargo considered dangerous, one must follow national laws and international agreements. And in case of accidents during the transport of chemicals, if even when the carrier has adopted all preventive measures, it may still be penalized, since due to environmental protection standards all those involved in the process may be considered responsible.

In order to be able to make a safe transport of chemicals it is necessary to take some precautions such as: following the rules and regulations, training drivers, adopting safety measures and valuing the integrity of the products.

In the event of an accident, it is necessary to isolate the area, signal the accident, keep cell phones, cigarettes, flashlights or engines away from the accident site, follow the recommendations stipulated by the emergency forms and deliver them to public aid when they arrive, inform the carrier, shipper and police immediately about what happened.


Para transportar cargas consideradas peligrosas, es necesario seguir las leyes nacionales y los convenios internacionales. Y, en caso de accidentes durante el transporte de productos químicos, aun cuando el transportista haya adoptado todas las medidas preventivas, aún podrá ser sancionado, ya que por las normas de protección ambiental, todos los involucrados en el proceso pueden ser considerados responsables.

Para transportar productos químicos de forma segura, es necesario adoptar algunas precauciones como: seguir las normas y reglamentos, capacitar a los conductores, adoptar medidas de seguridad y valorar la integridad de los productos.

En caso de accidente, es necesario aislar la zona, señalizar el accidente, mantener alejados del lugar del accidente teléfonos móviles, cigarrillos, linternas o motores, seguir las recomendaciones estipuladas en las hojas de emergencia y entregarlas a la asistencia pública cuando llegan, informar al transportista, cargador y policía inmediatamente sobre lo sucedido.


By hiring a carrier that specializes in this type of cargo, companies expect the goods to be collected, transported and delivered to their customers safely, without offering risks to the team involved in the processes and the environment.


Companies that perform this type of service need to offer infrastructure capable of carrying out a quality and safety transport for any type of cargo. With trained and qualified staff for this type of service, shaping their operations according to the specific demands of each client.

To avoid accidents, not to endanger the health or life of your employees and properly transport chemicals, hire carriers specialized in this type of operation. The safety of your team and the environment are extremely important, as well as the satisfaction of your customers.

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