Vehicle transport

Diversity in vehicle transportation throughout the country. Loads monitored, drivers trained and tracking in real time.

Vehicle transport is a service offered to people or companies who need to move (take off) a car or a fleet. With the automotive market in Brazil constantly expanding, the demand for companies specialized in vehicle transport has increased and to meet the demand, and the demands of its public, carriers needed to invest in technology and innovation, with the objective of making deliveries safely, quality and agility.

The locomotion of vehicles can be carried out by land, sea and air. For vehicle transport within the national territory, land routes are the most used and in this modality different types of trucks are used, according to the need of the contracting party, with the weight and distance to be traveled.

Types of trucks used to transport vehicles

Stork Truck

The stork truck is a long cargo vehicle, used to transport cars, fleets and motorcycles. It is the safest model for transporting vehicles.

Platform Truck

The platform truck is a single-body model, with capacity for 1 to 3 passenger cars.

Flatbed Truck

The flatbed truck is an articulated vehicle that can be found in various sizes and used for the transportation of trucks, heavy vehicles and machines.

Air transport of vehicles

The transport of vehicles is not a service offered only by land, it is possible to carry out the air transport of vehicles. This modality is carried out by suitable cargo planes, in the main airports in Brazil and is ideal for making punctual deliveries, and for those who want to take their car to another country.

Anyone who wants to transport a vehicle to another country needs to follow the rules established in Brazil and in the country where the vehicle will be sent; therefore, it is necessary to make a good planning and hire the specialized company to perform the service. Many Brazilian companies are already able to carry out this type of transport.

Waterway vehicle transport

The waterway is also widely used in the transportation of vehicles from one country to another. In this modality, the transport is carried out in special ships that look like large parking lots and are capable of transporting small cars, agricultural machinery and trains. The maritime transport of vehicles is widely used by automotive companies and has as a differential the safety – the vehicles are fastened with nylon straps that support up to 5 tons.

Vehicle transport objectives

By investing in this service, the objectives are to ensure the physical integrity of the cars transported and that they reach their destinations quickly, efficiently and safely.


When hiring a carrier, the owner of a passenger vehicle or a company responsible for a fleet, have at their disposal qualified professionals and advanced technology, making the transportation of their cars practical and even economical.

To transport your vehicles or your fleet quickly and safely, you need to hire a company specialized in this service, which has in its team qualified professionals, who use advanced technology and thus can ensure that collections and deliveries are carried out efficiently.

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