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International experience in end-to-end logistics

Veloce Logística

With almost 15 years of experience, we work to increase the agility and security of the logistics operations of companies from different markets, while reducing costs and risks through an efficient and integrated strategy.

Our operational and administrative experience, continuous investments in innovation and broad investment capacity guarantee customized solutions that meet the demands of each client, within their market reality and future projection.


To offer logistics solutions that mainly contemplate safety and quality from end to end to our customers.


To be the global reference in logistics best practices, conquering and maintaining long-term relationships with customers, employees, partners and society.

Learn how Veloce increases the safety and effectiveness of your business in practice.


SAFETY AS A PRINCIPLE: Life is our most valuable asset, so we constantly cherish and work for the safety of our operations and the health of everyone.

QUALITY AS PURPOSE: To understand and deliver an ideal and sustainable service, ensuring the ethics and integrity of our relationships.

INNOVATION AS FUEL: Being constantly changing and evolving, embracing the future and new ideas is what moves us.

WELL-BEING AS A RESULT: Our result is built by people, so we provide an environment of respect for diversity, inclusion and participation for all.

Our history

We started our activities in 2009 and, two years later, we became part of the Mitsui & Co Group, one of the largest business conglomerates in Japan. Today we have two operational centers in Brazil and Argentina, with advanced technology in systems and ample expansion capacity.

Despite the service capacity in different segments of the economy, we developed our work focusing on the automotive, cosmetic, food and personal hygiene sectors.

More than 60 years of commitment to the development of Brazil

Mitsui & Co. operates in Brazil through eleven commercial departments that together work for the country’s growth through their commitment to sustainability, citizenship and good corporate practices.


Thanks to our complete structure, we develop the best logistics solutions for any need and place. This structure is primarily responsible for the quality and safety of delivery from start to finish.

Our operations gain prominence thanks to the high level of excellence in processes and complete portfolio of products, which work together with cutting-edge technology in the units in Brazil and Argentina. The result of this sum is enhanced operations and ample expansion capacity.

We have all the necessary licenses to operate and guarantee the maintenance of our management system, focusing on the automotive, cosmetic, food and personal hygiene sectors.

Innovating activities in order to leverage results is the strategy that is part of our routine and helped us get here. Currently, we have:

Our own fleet with more than 500 equipment – siders, trunks, open trailers and bi trains

Partnership with more than 300 exclusive service providers for transportation in truck, stump, 3/4, van and fiorino

More than 300 administrative collaborators between Brazil and Argentina

Two own mechanical workshops (Diadema-SP and São Borja-RS), which guarantee the availability of the fleet full time.

Supply Station: benefit for aggregates, contractors and own fleet, which increases the agility of the process, without losing the guarantee of safety.

Warehouse: Our internal warehouse is one of the main responsible for the quality, effectiveness and speed of delivery.

Where we are

Main Office

Av. Goiás, 1820
São Caetano do Sul – SP
CEP: 09550-050


Rodovia RS 285, S/N, 675.6 – Interior, São Borja – RS

Rodovia BR 290, Km 719, Lote 17
Distrito Rodoviário, Uruguaiana – RS

Rua Landri Sales, S/N – Quinhão B, Galpão 5, Mezani
Sala 01 – Cidade Aracilia, Guarulhos – SP

Rua Pitanga, 11 – São José dos Pinhais, Ouro Fino – PR

Rodovia Antônio Heil, 1001 – KM 01, Sala 201J – Itaipava, Itajaí -SC

Maintenance Workshop

Av. Luiz Merenda, 215 – Jardim Campanário, Diadema – SP

Rodovia RS 285, S/N, 675.6 – Interior, São Borja – RS

Operational bases

São Bernardo do Campo – SP
Americana – SP
Suzano – SP
Foz do Iguaçu – PR
Chuí – RS
Jaguarão – RS
Horizontina – RS
Montenegro – RS
Porto Mauá – RS
Porto Xavier – RS
Santa do Livramento – RS


Golf Club Golfers 2972, Manuel Alberti
Pilar, Buenos Aires

With Veloce, you raise the logistics level of your business.

Our solutions combine technology and specialized service to ensure maximum agility, safety and effectiveness for your operations.

Awards and honors

The awards and recognitions received by Veloce Logística are evidence of our commitment to our mission, and are therefore part of our history and achievement of all employees who work directly and indirectly in our operations. Each achievement reaffirms the importance of our ongoing development processes and strengthens our commitment to delivering improvements for our customers.

GM Argentina 2010 Certificate – For outstanding performance, quality, costs, technology and services.

Certificate of Merit GM Brazil 2010 – For the recognition of performance in the areas of quality, services, technology and prices.

Certificate of Merit – Supplier of the Year – GM Brasil 2011 – For the recognition of performance in the areas of quality, services, technology and prices.

Supplier of the Year Award – Best GM Brazil Supplier 2011 – Award received in the USA for outstanding services provided in Brazil and Argentina.

Certificate of Recognition – GM 2011 – For the recognition of 12 consecutive months worked without a lost day case.

2011 REI Award – Logistics Finalist. Packaging management – Efficient equation in the supply of GM Argentina in Rosario.

Certificate of Merit – Supplier of the Year – GM Argentina 2011 – For the recognition of performance in the areas of quality, services, technology and prices.

Autodata Award 2012 – 1st place – Best in the Automotive Sector – Logistics Supplier

Abralog Award 2012 – Award in the Logistics category applied to sustainability.

2012 Supplier of the Year GM Award – For recognition of efforts in Chevrolet launches

Transporte Responsável Award 2013 – Honorable mention for the case “Sustainability Management System”.

Toyota Sorocaba Award 2013 – Recognition for the high level of logistics service

GM Argentina Award 2013 and 2014 – For conquering in these years the mark of 0 accidents.

Autodata Certificate 2014 – Autodata Ranking of quality and partnership.

Autodata Award 2014 – Best in the automotive sector. Logistics provider.

Top Transportation Award 2014 – Recognition with other cargo shippers in the automotive industry.

Biggest and Best Transportation Awards 2018 – Logistics Operator.

Denso Award 2018 – Outstanding Carrier Award for partnership in logistics

2018 John Deere Award – Outstanding Supplier | Partner Supplier | Cost Management Excellence.

Denso Award 2019 – Outstanding Transportation Award for partnership in logistics

LSL 2019 Award – Highlighted Carrier in meeting the 2019 goals.

John Deere Award 2019 – Partner Supplier.

John Deere Award 2020 – Partner Supplier.

SCJohnson (2022) – Argentina Inbound Category – Gold

Institutional Relations


Brazilian Association of Logistics Operators


Brazilian Association of International Transportation


The National Association of Cargo Transport and Logistics


Transportation Social Service and National Transportation Learning Service


Veloce has four certifications, thus making our operations safer and more sustainable:


Authorized Economic Operator – which contributes to making our processes more robust and secure, aiming to achieve tax and customs compliance

ISO 9001

Quality Management System

ISO 14001

Environmental Management System


Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Assessment System.

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