Logistics Intelligence

Logistics intelligence that combines the expertise of the best professionals with cutting-edge technology. This is how we deliver above average results.

Logistics Intelligence

Expertise of the best professionals combined with cutting-edge technology in favor of your company

The big difference from relying on the Veloce team is that you can use our logistics intelligence area to plan a unique project for your business. It includes strategic management that adds value and generates advantages for customers and companies. The result is loss reduction and profit optimization.

Understand the seven main steps of this process.

Modes of transport

This is the first point of the entire strategy, which analyzes the different types of transport available and used by your company for the best functioning of the logistics chain.

Stock management

This is one of the main logistical obligations of a company, which depends directly on the efficiency, punctuality and accuracy of the transport system, to avoid as many errors as possible and keep the management updated.

Supply Chain

It is at this stage that we understand the entire supply chain of the business, from the supply of the raw material to the delivery to the final consumer, including all intermediate movements.

Fleet management

This is an activity that demands organization, technology and agility. We use automation software that increases productivity, reduces costs and minimizes errors. In addition, our specialized team is always ready to bring and respond to market changes.



Managing thousands of inventory items is no longer a headache. SKU is the unique code that checks available quantities, storage positions, sales history and product characteristics in real time.

Drivers journey

Managing drivers’ work requires legal and behavioral alignment. Our safety culture protects the entire team against excesses and inappropriate attitudes, real-time monitoring covers 100% of our activities and our legal sector ensures compliance with all legislation.

Decrease losses

Optimize profits

Have a smart logistics

Road safety

Risk management

Technology and Development

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