Being ahead of the risks that roads offer and driving a vehicle, requires increased attention and good memory; dealing with excess information, controlling and integrating all psychological and cognitive functions, are necessary requirements for safe driving.

Often driving a truck provides the driver with a sense of freedom, however the pleasure of driving can become a risk, since currently Brazilian highways have a loss of quality.

Such highways present dangerous stretches, which contain, from frequent frontal collisions caused by overtaking, to narrow stretches with numerous curves; the so-called winding roads.

The BR-101 is a clear example of a winding road, given that in 2020 it recorded 627 deaths along the 4,650 kilometers, due to the narrow stretches that allow a high accident rate.

Drivers who have been driving on the roads for a long time often create driving habits that increase exposure to risks. One of the most common mistakes is to take the steering wheel from the inside in the corners, it is always recommended to push the steering wheel upwards with the hand opposite the direction of the curve.

Driving on winding roads is still a matter of concern for drivers, as they are often routes that require maximum concentration and skill. Driving a vehicle that offers grip, stability and improved performance will give you ease of driving on such stretches.

Still it is not always that we can count only on the development of the car, it is also necessary to obtain driving skills; in this way we have separated some useful tips on the best way to perform a turn.

Here no matter the career time and experiences gained, the rule is the same for everyone; you should avoid driving at excessive speed on a bendy road, drive cautiously and drive the steering wheel as little as possible are basic rules for driving both on local roads and on winding roads.

In addition there are other important tips to follow that will help you to perform a smooth and safe curve:

Brake before: Braking during the turn can take the vehicle out of the track and increase the possibility of losing control of the car, so always try to brake moments before making the turn;

Double hand: In two-way turns, choose to be on the right, so that the car on the opposite side travels without danger next to you;

Arrows in advance: Before making a turn, give the arrow well in advance, so that the other vehicles close to yours have time to reduce speed;

Smooth movements: sharply moving the steering wheel inside the curve can lead to tipping, so try to avoid sudden movements.

Practicing defensive driving and following the precautions mentioned above will reduce the risks that the road offers, and will make the experience of being constantly on the roads even more enjoyable and safe.

Here at Veloce we seek to guide employees on the benefits of defensive driving; we develop awareness campaigns and alert the necessary care on the road in respect of life, with the help of partners and institutions that systematically carry out training, aiming at daily safety with all drivers.

We understand that caring for the service providers who carry our brand and our customers’ products is a fundamental part of a quality logistics service.

Through the PPA, the Accident Prevention Program developed by Veloce, we seek to engage our own drivers and third parties with daily, weekly and monthly actions on ways to gain a new mindset on safety.

As a continuous monthly training in partnership with SEST (Social Transport Service) /Senat (National Transport Education Service) and daily dialogues on safety at the beginning of the workday.

To learn more about our security programs and other services, contact us through our website and social networks!

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