The exact combination of cutting-edge technology and expert service

Our solutions maximize the agility, security and effectiveness of your logistics operations. Get to know our services and learn how we do it in practice.

Logistics Center

State-of-the-art infrastructure for storage, preparation and distribution of your products with the best reference in logistics.

Logistics Projects

Reorganize your logistics structure with our team of experts. Receive a tactical and effective action plan.

Milk Run

Optimize costs and increase the agility of your operations. In the same transport of the delivery, you carry out the necessary collections.


Increase the quality and profitability of your inter-plant operations while reducing costs. Count on our team.

Boxing e Unboxing

Receive and prepare deliveries with maximum agility and contribute to a much faster logistics operation.

Reverse Logistics

Effective management in logistics operations for products, packaging and materials in general, from origin to destination.

Cargo Transport

Freight transport with the leading company in Brazil and Latin America. Count on our experts.

Vehicle transport

Maximum safety and agility in vehicle transport. Certified operations in compliance with high standards.

Refrigerated transport

State-of-the-art technology that ensures highly effective and safe refrigerated transport. Talk to an expert.

Supply Chain Management

Strategic end-to-end supply chain management. From the purchase of inputs to the distribution of products, count on us.

Transport of Chemicals and Hazardous Products

Exclusive certifications that guarantee maximum safety for the transport of dangerous goods.

Cross Docking

Rapid redistribution, which uses state-of-the-art technology and specialized team to receive and ship products.

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