National Transport

The road means is responsible for 60% of cargo transport in Brazil. Veloce guarantees maximum excellence in its end-to-end logistics operations.

Data from the National Transport Confederation (CNT), the road modal corresponds to 60% of the cargo transport matrix in Brazil, where the category is formed by professionals who have, on average, 18 years of profession and more than 44 years of age.

This is the first major reason to value professionals who choose the truck as a profession. After all, heavy vehicles are a fundamental part of the efficient logistics of movement of all types of goods in the country. Without trucks, Brazil would have difficulty keeping hospitals, markets, pharmacies, airports, gas stations and the flow of everything that is produced supplied. And the lives of Brazilians would be chaos.

We have modern software capable of optimizing routes and vehicle capacities in the most varied operations:


With the cargo being collected from the sender and delivered to the recipient, safely and quickly. We have a dedicated team and fleet, always respecting the particularities of each cargo.


We offer an exclusive service in order to reduce production time and cost.


Manage all stages of the process, involving consulting, routing, transportation, packaging and information management; carrying out the collection planning process from start to finish.

FTL (Full Truck Load)

Ensuring total protection and integrity of the cargo, which can be packed in better conditions. A much more agile transport, both on boarding and on arrival.

When it comes to logistics, trust who is a leader in Mercosur and has international experience. Learn more about Veloce and talk to one of our experts.


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Supply Chain

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