Boxing and Unboxing

Boxing and unboxing services bring agility to the routine of different companies. Receive your materials as you wish.

Two of the main differentials of our team are proximity and deep and accurate knowledge about the needs of each client. As part of the solutions we offer, boxing and unboxing services show how this reality happens in practice.

They are part of the cross docking operation and consist of receiving, separating and packaging parts and products, according to the logistics strategy of the company in question. That is, your business no longer needs to receive separate materials and invest time in uniting them according to use, our team will do it for you.

The main advantages are: more agility for the production process, better use of labor and less space required for storage of separate parts and/or materials.

This is a service intended exclusively for businesses.

Entre em contato com um consultor e receba Contact a consultant and receive a proposal with all the advantages of hiring the boxing and unboxing service for your business.

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